A wrap served for spring in China

SHENYANG, China - "Spring pancakes" are a dish that serves up such tasty fillings as stir-fried vegetables, meat and eggs wrapped inside of a lightly baked, crepe-like flour shell.

Called chunbing in Chinese, the traditional food is commonly found in the northeastern part of China.

As "chun" means spring and "bing" means pancake, the dish is customarily eaten on Lichun, the holiday marking the beginning of spring.

Chunbing Dawang Zongdian, a restaurant in central Shenyang, is always crowded with locals.

The restaurant's standard fillings for the dish are jingjiangrousi, shredded pork sauteed in a salty-sweet fermented soybean paste, which costs 24 yuan (S$5), and stir-fried bean sprouts and scallions, which are priced at 14 yuan.

The fillings are richly flavored so that they are delicious when eaten wrapped inside thin flour shells that are individually baked in the kitchen.

The restaurant offers about 30 different kinds of fillings for the dish. The best part of spring pancakes is ordering a wide variety of fillings and enjoying different tastes by selecting fillings from the plates that are spread out all over the table.