Xbox One will automatically record last 5 minutes of gameplay

Microsoft had earlier stated that its new Xbox One console will automatically record your gameplay, allowing you to easily and quickly share your in-game achievements and feats with friends and other players on Xbox One. However, it has been unclear how this new feature will work.

At the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con, Ken Lobb of Microsoft Game Studios explained that Xbox One will always be recording, but only the last five minutes of footage will be saved on your local hard drive. Additionally, gamers can say commands like "Xbox, record that" to quickly save the last 30 seconds of gameplay footage.

The Xbox One has also been reported to automatically save your gameplay footage whenever you unlock in-game achievements.

Sony's PlayStation 4 has a similar feature and recently revealed that it will have a longer recording buffer than the Xbox One as it will record and store the last 15 minutes of gameplay footage.

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