YouthForum: Revive the kampung spirit

LIKE most Singaporeans, I live in an HDB flat. I enjoy living in the heartland as there are ample facilities such as playgrounds, basketball courts and study corners nearby.

However, despite all the common space we share, I realise that more and more Singaporeans are living behind closed doors and there is less interaction with one another.

For example, when we are in the same lift, some of us will be busy on the phone, while some will be listening to music.

Even though we are living on the same floor, we pretend not to know one another. Sometimes, we are even surprised to know that the person in the lift lives on the same floor as us.

Due to the pressures of society and work, some of us do not want to interact with others; some are afraid of awkward situations and they prefer their privacy.

When I was younger, I used to play with other children in the neighbourhood and sometimes, even go to their house for dinner. But this is a rare event these days especially when many children are hooked on electronic gadgets.

To change this situation requires the effort of not only the Government, but everyone. Bonding activities can be organised to help improve the relationship between neighbours. We can take the first step by smiling or starting a conversation with neighbours.

During festive seasons, it would be great to invite our neighbours over for the celebrations. If you and I are willing to take the first step, I believe we will be able to revive the kampung spirit.

Florence Jee Shim Yi, 19, polytechnic student

This article was first published on June 25, 2014.
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