The A to Z of wellness

There's a reason why the alphabet is the foundation of language. It goes beyond the borders of speech and communication. Last week we covered A to H. Let's continue:

I-The immune system is the body's defence against illness and infection. It is composed of an army of white blood cells whose job is to fight free radicals present in the body.

This is how doctors come to know when you have an infection-they study the sudden rise in white blood cells or WBC.

Boost your immune system by taking nutrient-rich foods. In short, eat more raw and fresh fruits and vegetables rather than processed foods.

J-Juicing is the surest and fastest way to pack live enzymes into your body. If you're averse to eating vegetables (and some people are), then consider juicing as an option.

Start with the basics such as green apple, romaine lettuce, ginger, spinach, moringa leaves (malunggay), coconut water/meat, carrot, sugar beets, pineapple and white turnips (singkamas). You may alternate the combination of these basics.

I personally omitted banana and avocado because their fat content is high. However, just a few small slices (and not the whole fruit) will be good for you.

Once you start juicing, you will realise that your body will start transforming into one that is stronger and sexier.

K-A trio: vitamin K1 and K2, which are formed by natural bacteria in the intestines, and vitamin K3, which is vital to the formation of a blood-clotting chemical called prothrombin.

It is essential to blood clotting and the prevention of internal bleeding and hemorrhage. Natural sources include egg yolk, safflower oil, fish liver oils, kelp, leafy green vegetables, yogurt, alfalfa and soybean oil.

Note: Do not combine the vitamin K supplement with high doses of vitamin E, as they may neutralize each other.

If you are prone to nosebleeds, take vitamin K supplements in the form of alfalfa tablets.

L-Possibly the most important letter of all, as it stands for life and the challenge to live, love, lead, look, listen, learn.

Love, being the most potent force on earth, can heal the body inside and out, and mend broken dreams and aspirations. Today, add a little more love to your diet-both emotionally and nutritionally. Learn to love the foods that nurture life.

Antioxidant power

M-Minerals play a major role, together with vitamins, in providing the body with antioxidant power. Remember that a deficiency in specific minerals can cause health problems.

Lack of magnesium leads to heart palpitations and muscle cramps, while zinc deficiency makes you prone to fatigue, colds and respiratory problems. Natural sources for these minerals are liver, meat, eggs, oysters.

Calcium deficiency leads to low bone density and osteoporosis. Although there is a large concentration of calcium in the body, largely found in the bones and teeth, there is still a need for supplementation. Note: Calcium should exist in a 2-1 relationship with phosphorus (two parts calcium, one part phosphorus).

According to a UN study, women all over the world are most deficient in iron and calcium.

Natural sources are sardines, milk products, cheeses, tofu, oranges, salmon, peanuts, walnuts, broccoli and leafy greens.

N-The nervous system is composed of miles and miles of intersecting networks of nerves. It is through this network that brain signals are transmitted, affecting the cells of your body. An unhealthy nervous system will result in crossed or mixed signals to the cells, thus causing the body to operate in a less optimal way.

The best way to ensure nerve health is to think calmly and respect the body's need for relaxation. Look into a lifestyle that will safeguard your equilibrium. In the end, it's balance we all need in order to live a fruitful and fulfilling life.

Be kind to your nerves. Get enough rest, take your B-complex vitamins and be in the company of loving and supportive people.

Don't push yourself beyond your own limits. Know when to stop, or at least slow down.

O-Oxygen, without which the human body will die. An oxygen-rich environment in the body is one that can easily fight illness. This is because viruses and bacteria cannot live in high-oxygen conditions.

Want a stronger body? Raise your oxygen levels through enzyme-rich foods, exercise, hydrogen peroxide IV treatments and highly oxygenated water.

P-A peaceful nature invites healing into one's life. If you embrace peace, then your inner peace prevails. Find your sanctuary within and allow the stillness of your heart to nurture every cell in your body. This way, you will be less prone to anger and more forgiving and more trusting of others, of situations and of yourself.

Today's affirmation: "I am bliss." Love and light!