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Reciprocity Capital Group Purchases Multifamily Homes, Apartment Buildings, and Self-Storage Unites, Relieving Tired Landlords Seeking to Leave the Industry

Investment properties are a long-term game, and recent years have made it difficult for landlords with small offerings to make a profit. Reciprocity Capital Group is on standby to help struggling landlords who want out from under failing properties without making repairs.

Reciprocity Capital Group is a veteran multifamily investment firm with a twofold mission—to provide safe, well-maintained homes for residents while building generational wealth for investing partners. The company purchases properties, such as multifamily homes, storage units, and apartment complexes. Landlords may often struggle with a failing property but can't find a buyer willing to take ownership as-is. Reciprocity is on standby to help overburdened landlords get out of the rental business and into a secure retirement.

“When you invest with Reciprocity, you receive the dual benefit of worry-free ownership in investment properties while knowing you are bringing better opportunities to those who call these properties home,” company founder Mike Mannino said. 

There are no initial fees to speak with the experts at Reciprocity to see if the company is a good fit. The firm also helps with tax strategies to help sell properties without hefty tax bills. Multifamily properties can be challenging to market and sell, especially if the owner doesn't want to invest in modernizations and repairs before the sale. With Reciprocity, properties are sold as they are, and owners can walk away with their profits after the final sale. 

Benefits of Multifamily Property Investments

Investing in multifamily properties with Reciprocity is a simple process. 

Stary by contacting one of the expert team members by filling out a short one-minute interest survey with contact information. Reciprocity will schedule a 30-minute call to discover goals and start looking for the right property. While the company is based in Michigan, it also deals with properties in nearby states and throughout the country. Once the right multifamily real estate opportunity presents itself, Reciprocity helps complete the deal—all that’s left for investors is building equity and cash flow. 

“Building wealth takes many paths. Many invest in a 401k and wait until they retire. Others invest in stocks and mutual funds, which can offer big returns but are always at risk of economic recession,” Mannino said. “At Reciprocity Capital Group, we prefer multifamily real estate because it provides the most consistent returns over the long term, in addition to many other benefits."

— Cashflow

Multifamily real estate investments offer the opportunity for positive cash flow, which continues providing rewards over the lifetime of the investment. 

— Appreciation

Small gains in the appreciation of a property’s value can lead to substantial gains for investors, sometimes as much as ten times the original value. 

— Leverage

The profits earned with multifamily investments can also be leveraged to buy more properties, expand holdings, and increase future investment opportunities. 

— Stability

Historically, multifamily investment properties outperform the stock market with more stability and reliable income. 

— Tax Benefit

Up to eight tax incentives for multifamily property owners don't exist for single-family homes. 

— Equity

Throughout the course of the investment, as loans or financing is paid off, the ownership group gains a more significant equity in the property, leading to increased profit margins. 

View Available Multifamily Investments Online

Reciprocity Capital Group maintains an online listing with its available multifamily real estate investment opportunities. Interested buyers can browse through the listings and build a realistic idea of the market before moving forward with an inquiry. The online multifamily real estate catalog includes dozens of listings of various types and sizes. 

Meet the Team

The Reciprocity Capital Group team is led by founder Adam Demchik., who specializes in buying and renovating properties. Mike Mannino II focuses on operations management, keeping things running daily. Bryce Bedwell is an investment professional concentrating on multifamily properties. Aaron LaBrie is a real estate agent who often sources off-market locations. Cole Burgess rounds out the small but effective team as an associate working to secure multifamily and self-storage real estate deals.  


Visit the Reciprocity Capital Group website to learn how to sell multifamily properties without making repairs or to find information about building equity and cash flow with real estate investments. Call 877-607-7849 to speak with a Reciprocity team member. 

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