REZUMAE by JOBSEEQR, the World's First Storytelling-based AI Resume Writer, Transforms Stories into Powerful Resumes

Revolutionizing job searching by putting the power back in the hands of job applicants.

After years of helping employers find the right talent and employees find the best opportunities, JOBSEEQR founder Hassan Kheireddine is introducing REZUMAE, the world's first storytelling-based AI resume writer designed to help candidates craft exceptional resumes.

AI resume writing is the new norm.

In a bid to boost their chances and competitive edge, many candidates have turned to AI builders, which promise incredible resumes in minutes. Besides saving time, AI resume builders are popular for their ability to optimize resumes. According to results from an MIT Sloan experiment conducted by Ph.D. student Emma Van Inwegen and co-researchers, job seekers with AI-optimized resumes placed favorably by up to 7.8% and got jobs with up to 8.4% more wages. This shows that AI has become integral to writing resumes that land higher-paying jobs. However, there's still much more potential here than meets the eye.

An evolving job market

The stark reality is that there are more applicants than jobs, making it incredibly important for candidates to write stand-out resumes. With job seekers constantly searching for their dream jobs, a resume, the only self-marketing tool available to them, stands between them and their dream job placement.

Like many other sectors, groundbreaking innovations have penetrated the job market, bringing pockets of change in how candidates prepare their resumes and how resumes are reviewed and selected by employers. While AI has elevated resume writing to a whole new level, there is still much more ground to cover in this space. 

These existing AI resume writers still generate incredibly generic resumes, which, in many cases, completely misrepresent the unique experiences of the resume owner in question. On top of that, candidates still need to pass the stringent filtering algorithms in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) before worrying about impressing recruiters.

By introducing REZUMAE, Hassan is changing the game by helping applicants turn their stories into compelling resumes that truly represent them through the power of AI. REZUMAE also creates resumes that are optimized for ATS.

REZUMAE by JOBSEEQR: More power to job seekers

REZUMAE by JOBSEEQR introduces a new approach – turning stories into professional-grade resumes. The platform demonstrates Hassan's unwavering dedication to improving the job-seeking process by putting the power back in applicants' hands at an affordable price. 

Recognizing that most job seekers struggle to effectively showcase their skills and experiences, REZUMAE asks candidates to share their stories, and the AI generator takes care of packaging that story into a powerful resume. With REZUMAE, candidates can turn parts of their life stories and experiences into employable skills. 

"I used to spend hours overthinking every section of my resume. REZUMAE made the process effortless and effective. It's like the tool knows what I want to say but can't put into words," says one happy REZUMAE user.

Key features of REZUMAE

REZUMAE features a 'Resume Mode' and 'Bullet Points Mode,' designed to account for all job seekers, both with and without a resume.

On Resume Mode, candidates input essential information, like their work experience, projects, education, achievements, awards, skills, volunteer experience, certificates, and references. Since most candidates tend to sell themselves short on their resumes, REZUMAE provides guides and examples for each section to help users present their unique experiences and qualities.

Once the user is satisfied with the personal information they have provided, they generate a resume and see their preview in seconds. For $9.99, users can view their completed resume, download a PDF, and edit the document if needed.

Bullet Points Mode works similarly to Resume Mode but instead creates four professional-grade, ATS-optimized bullet points for a specific experience input by the user, rather than having the user input all their experiences. Users can then copy and paste their favorite bullet points into their existing resume (via their editor of choice, i.e., Word, Canva, Google Docs, etc.) or regenerate them to get new attributes to use in their resume.

Bullet Points Mode utilizes bullet point credits. Users are charged one bullet point credit each time they click the 'generate' button. Currently, the platform is offering a limited-time 50% off promotion for users, allowing them to experience the full capabilities of REZUMAE.

How it works

The AI resume writer offers an intuitive interface that allows users to easily create and log into their accounts. The platform also automatically saves users' progress, allowing them to pick up their resume creation process right where they stopped. Trusted by thousands of job seekers globally, REZUMAE strives to be the one-stop shop for well-written resumes. 

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part of creating a resume, but with REZUMAE, crafting an exceptional resume is a breeze. Ready for a life-changing resume upgrade? For just $9.99, the world's first storytelling-based AI resume writer offers job seekers a sure path to their dream job.

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