China's 'most loyal dog' waits 8 hours everyday for owner

A Chongqing dog has fascinated Chinese netizens, likening him to the faithful Japanese dog known as Hachiko.

For four years now, the dog, known as Wang Cai, has been seen waiting outside the doors of a local bank from 9am. He moves little, does not accept food, and chases away other dogs from his spot.

This is very similar to the story of Hachiko, the Japanese Akita who waited outside the Shibuya train station in Odate for his dead owner for nearly ten years. His story has since been immortalised in the movie Hachi: A Dog's Tale.

According to reports, passersby initially thought Wang Cai was homeless, until they noticed he was always clean and even groomed according to the season; wearing jackets during winter, or with his hair groomed during summer.

In fact, however, Wang Cai was homeless, until he was found wandering outside four years ago. He was then adopted by the owner, who lives near the bank where Wang Cai maintains his 9 to 5 vigil.

He reportedly joins his owner as he goes to work in the morning, waits the whole day, then returns with him at night. The owner, however, has said he is not sure whether the dog is waiting for him or a previous owner.