Thai king's condition improves

His Majesty the King's cerebral haemorrhaging has stopped and his overall condition is now improving, according to the Royal Household Bureau.

In its statement, the palace said doctors subjected His Majesty to an electroencephalography check last night.

The much beloved monarch had to postpone indefinitely his working trip to Ratchaburi after Xrays showed slight bleeding on his brain late last week.

People flocked to Siriraj Hospital to express wishes for His Majesty's speedy return to good health.

They came from various corners of the country. Among them were top brass such as Supreme Commander General Tanasak Patimaprakorn, Army chief General Prayut Chanocha, deputy Navy chief Admiral Weerapong Kitsombat and deputy Air Force chief ACM Srichao Janrueang.

Phranai Suwannarat, permanent secretary of the Interior Ministry, also signed his getwell wishes for the King at Siriraj.

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