Korean tourists return home with bodies
Tue, Jan 05, 2010
New Straits Times

KUCHING: The bodies of two South Korean tourists who drowned at a seaside resort in Santubong on Saturday were repatriated home on Sunday.

The victims drowned while trying to save a woman in their tour group.

The bodies of Kim Sung Hyun, 20, and Jung Yo Han, 24, accompanied the other 22 members of the group, including the woman, left on a flight to Seoul by budget carrier EastStar Jet.

Kuching district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mun Kock Keong said police had acceded to a request from the South Korean embassy not to perform post-mortems and to release the bodies so they could be returned to their families.

Mun said the coroner was satisfied with the cause of death without having the post-mortem results.






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