Ghost master: Women more prone to seeing ghosts

By Beh Yuen Hui

Women are more prone to seeing ghosts than men, according to Master Szeto Fat-ching, a famous exorcist and Feng Shui guru from Hong Kong.

He said based on the Yin and Yang philosophy, women come under the Yin category - just like ghosts - and so it is easier for them to 'click' with each other.

"There's nothing to be scared of because the ghosts are more afraid of human beings than we are of them. Most of them are harmless," said Master Szeto, who has been dubbed the "Ghost King of Macau".

Szeto is currently in Malaysia as a guest deejay for Chinese radio station 988, to talk about ghost-related topics in conjunction with the month-long Hungry Ghost Festival, which began on July 31.

On Wednesday night, Master Szeto and his "ghost-searching" partner Ben Kwok - shared their stories and exchanged views with more than 300 fans of the supernatural at an event in Kuala Lumpur.

They showed several photographs of "spirits" to the audience. Several people from the crowd also shared their paranormal experiences and ghostly encounters.

Szeto said ghosts were actually a "group of frequencies" and how they look like varies depending on the person who sees them.

"The same spirit may seem to be a woman or man to some, or just an imageless shadow to others."

Many Hong Kong ghost movies are now basing their storylines on events in South East Asian countries especially Malaysia and Thailand.

So, is Malaysia more haunted than other places?

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