Transcript of doorstop interview by Minister George Yeo
Tue, Jan 05, 2010

Reporters caught up with Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo at the Indonesian embassy on Jan 4, 2010 after he signed the condolence book for former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid.

Here is an excerpt of the interview regarding the hit-and-run case in which Romanian diplomat, Dr Silviu Ionescu, is linked.

Question: Can I ask a question about the Romanian diplomat and the accident? Can we just find out, has the Ministry or the government been in touch with the Romanian authorities on this issue?

Minister: Oh, yes. The Romanian Embassy is assisting the Police in the investigation. Investigations are still ongoing, so it would not be proper for me to comment on them.

Question: The sentiment on the ground right now seems to be quite strong now. Do you have anything to say?

Minister: What happened was very bad. A man was killed. People were injured. The police are pursuing the matter very thoroughly but investigations are still ongoing and I shall not be commenting on them.

Question: Despite the immunity that he enjoys is there anything that he could have done to appease some of the hurt or anger?

Minister: No, let us take this one step at the time. I think there must be due process in such matters.

Question: Minister, do you have any idea how long we are looking at towards resolving the issue because it has been I think two weeks plus already?

Minister: The Police are not sitting on their hands. Thank you.

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