Foreigners behaving badly in Singapore

Foreigners' less than desirable behaviour in Singapore has been making the headlines recently.

Recent media reports highlighted a few of these cases, such as expatriates who get accused of molest after a drunken night out, and then subsequently paying off their alleged victims to resolve these molest accusations, to Filipinas engaging in some impromptu street partying in Orchard Road. Whether you consider such behaviour amusing or annoying, they have certainly become talking points for those who are witnesses to them.

As for those partying Filipina maids who turned the walkway outside Ion Orchard into a street party, the more forgiving ones thought it was alright for them to let their hair down, but others felt they were a nuisance as they were 'downgrading' the mall's image.

The shopping centre's management also said their mass gatherings caused overcrowding and posed a threat to safety in the mall.

But the bad press does not stop there. In the past week, yet more foreigners have come under the spotlight for engaging in questionable behaviour.

A STOMP contributor sent an email, along with a picture, of a couple who had Chinese accents, indulging publicly in some intimate moments. The netizen who took the photograph said they were attracting a lot of attention from passers-by.

In the photograph, the couple can be seen getting intimate in the middle of Toa Payoh. The girl was lying on the boy's lap, with her body covered by a blanket.