They were ordered to strip by Malaysian Immigration


Thursday 1.30AM - The women discover there is no officer at the Malaysian checkpoint counter. They tap the Touch 'n Go card and the barrier lifts to allow them through even though their passports are not stamped.

2AM - They realise they have entered JB. They make a U-turn but immigration officers accuse them of illegal entry.

3AM - The two are taken to a meeting room and questioned.

11AM - An immigration officer records their statement.

12PM - The women are told to pay a fine of RM3,000 each. They ask to be taken to an ATM but are left in the room for three hours.

5PM - An officer tells them they will be taken to a detention centre in Pontian.

6PM - In Pontian, they are forced to strip naked and do squats, then put in a cell with other detainees.

Friday 5PM - An immigration officer takes them back to the JB customs checkpoint.

6PM - The women are informed they will be released but end up waiting another three hours.

9PM - After waiting for three hours, they offer to pay the RM6,000 fine but are informed they will only get a warning letter instead of a fine.

12AM - The women are released and return to Singapore in their car. The car has scratches on it that were not there before. 

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