Student who mocked S'poreans flees the country

By Benson Ang

A video poking fun at Singaporeans has cost a Chinese national his place at a local school.

Mr Wang Peng Fei, a 24-year-old who was in his final year studying hospitality full-time at the East Asia Institute of Management, was expelled after the comments he made in Mandarin during the four-minute video constituted to "gross misconduct" by the school.

Despite apologising on his blog on Sunday, Mr Wang also had his student visa cancelled and will not receive a refund for this year's course fees, which amount to $10,000, because the act violated a clause in his contract.

Police report filed against foreign student for 'racist' video

A member of a political party has made a police report has been made against the Chinese national who made a video parody of Singapore.

Singapore People's Party member Mr Alex Tan Zhixiang made the report on Sunday against student Wang Peng Fei, who was expelled from the East Asia Institute of Management for the video.

Mr Tan said Mr Wang had "made racist remarks" against a minority group.

However, the report might be in vain as Mr Wang is believed to have gone home.

More in The New Paper today (July 27).