Dr Tony Tan: Singapore's economy may be threatened

By Marissa Lee

Presidential hopeful Dr Tony Tan is worried that a shaky global economy could threaten Singapore's economic stability in months to come. He is confident that his understanding of the financial markets and global economy make him a suitable presidential candidate.

"I've worked in these fields for the past 20 years, in the private sector as well as the public sector, as executive director of the Government Investment Corporation, so I have an intimate knowledge of all of these areas," he told the media at the sidelines of an event hosted by the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday.

Dr Tan said that he will be better positioned to share his expertise with the government as president rather than as part of the GIC. He explained: "GIC is not a government agency, it is a private sector company owned by the Ministry of Finance."

"The president is not a power centre, the president does not have executive powers, but the president has knowledge and experience, and he can share this with government officials," he added.

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