Rejected by Hell, again

I failed to visit Hell again which left me feeling disappointed.

But in the second attempt, the feeling of 'travelling downwards' was stronger and a reporter was almost possessed.

Led by Master Kek Eng Seng of the Tze Bei Guan Yin Dhamma Centre in Penang, a group of 54 people including about a dozen reporters participated in a tour to the afterworld last Saturday.

However, just slightly more than 10 people managed to reach Hell.

Dissatisfied, I requested for another try and generous Master Kek agreed.

On Monday, three other reporters from Nanyang Siang Pau, China Press and Guang Ming Daily and I went for our second attempt at the master's centre.

Like the previous time, our eyes were covered with paper talisman wrapped in cloth.

Like before, I felt a stream of warm air gushing out from the top - Master Kek had explained earlier that it was my soul trying to get out of my body.

A while later, the darkness was gone and a light shone on me. It was so bright that I opened my eyes automatically. (This was strange because a person would normally close his eyes when the light is too bright.)

As I listened to the chants, the light went off and was replaced by total darkness again. Then, I saw circles and was flowing with them - one after another.

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