Mon, Aug 09, 2010
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Student wins our YOG cheer contest

KEYBOARD warriors.

That's what 18-year-old Goh Yong Wei calls the 15,000 people who took to Facebook to complain about JJ Lin's Youth Olympic Games (YOG) cheer - but didn't submit their own when given the chance.

After the online ruckus and following a challenge by Singapore Sports Council chief executive officer Oon Jin Teik, The New Paper started a contest three weeks ago asking readers to submit their own YOG cheer.

There were only five submissions. The one from dethroned beauty queen Ris Low received over 100,000 hits on YouTube.

Another failed to qualify because it didn't have a video on YouTube.

"There are lots of people who complain about every single thing but don't do anything about it," said Yong Wei, who took a day to come up with his rap version of You Are The One, Singapore for the contest.

"Personally, I choose to be a leader and not a follower."

For his upbeat rap and his determination to show JJ Lin what a cheer should sound like - he stressed in his video that Lin's You Are The One, Singapore is a song - Yong Wei won a Sony Handycam DCRSR68E worth $660, courtesy of the Singapore Sports Council.

That should take some of the edge off the negative comments he has received about his video, which has hadmore than 4,000 views so far.

Some samples:"U suck!"and "So shameless."

Even in school, a classmate went up to him to say: "You better watch out".

"I think she's a JJ Lin fan," joked Yong Wei, who's studying information systems quality at ITE College Central (MacPherson Campus).

He plans to use his new Handycam in his new venture - a production company he recently set up with some fellow local bloggers.

Bukom cheer

The other two winning cheers were not created specifically for the contest.

Storeman Sham Sulaiman, 44, created his YOG cheer last year when the YOG buzz began in earnest.

"My friends at work were laughing at me because I kept singing the song, trying to see what tune was best," he said. Mr Sham has the last laugh now - he walked away with a Nintendo Wii set for his minute-long cheer.

His job involves many long hours on Pulau Bukom, so waiting times were usually spent refining the lyrics or the melody of the cheer.

Mr Sham said he sent in his entry the night before the closing date after getting a friend to help upload his video on YouTube.

"I really wanted to do this for Singapore. I'm very proud that we finally have our own event," he said.

Retiree David Wee, 57, wrote an entire song for the YOG, titled Youth Olympians Forever (Today Is Your Day),and it's not the only one he has up his sleeve.

For his effort, hewonan8GBApple iPod Touch.

A frequent participant in local songwriting competitions in the 80s, he has returned to creating music.

He hopes to release a series of three CDs of nationalistic songs and is looking for freelance singers to help him with his project.

He said: "We keep complaining about the dire lack of local theme songs, so someone's got to make a move, right?"

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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