Thu, Sep 09, 2010
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Shenton Way hit by flash flood

By Rachel Chan

SHENTON Way was hit by a flash flood yesterday morning, bringing traffic to a crawl as vehicles tried to avoid the more heavily flooded lanes of the six-lane carriageway.

The 200m stretch between McCallum Road and Boon Tat Street was the most affected, according to stomper CannotBeLikeThatOne, who posted photographs he snapped on citizenjournalism website Stomp.

Shenton Way floods

"I could not believe my eyes when I saw that Shenton Way was underwater this morning just outside the SGX Centre," he wrote, adding that he had never seen a flood in the area in his two years working there.

The 36-year-old IT professional told my paper: "Motorists sounded their horns as buses formed a queue to let passengers alight and all the other vehicles converged to the middle lanes where the road was highest and drier."

National water agency PUB said that the area began flooding at about 10.30am, but the calf-high waters subsided about 15 minutes later. A spokesman said that the agency is investigating the cause of the flood.

The National Environment Agency's climate station along Prince Edward Road, in the Shenton Way area, recorded 123.6mm of rainfall. It was the highest amount of rain collected in any area following yesterday morning's showers.

Rainfall amounts of 103.4mm and 76.2mm were recorded by climate stations located at Marina Barrage and Scotts Road respectively.

For about three hours in the late morning, Veerasamy Road in Little India was steeped in 30cm of rainwater, while 15cm-deep puddles formed at road junctions along Hindoo Road and Rowell Road.

At about 1pm, the bad weather brought down a tree which hit a van along Lorong 23 Geylang.

No one was hurt, said the police.


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