Fri, Jan 21, 2011
YPAP leader regrets behaviour in 'vulgarity war'

A YOUNG People's Action Party (YPAP) leader has spoken up and apologised over a cyber-argument that occurred on Monday, said Shin Min Daily News.

He and an anonymous netizen was engaged in a vulgarity war, which has since been the talking point for netizens on local forums, blogs and websites.

The exchange between the two allegedly lasted for a day on micro-blogging site, Twitter, and degenerated into tweets that taunted and insulted each other.

The YPAP leader involved in this "war" is Mr Cheo Ming Shen, co-founder of blogging advertising community Nuffnang and homegrown online shopping mall Jipaban.com.

The 27-year-old is also a YPAP Chairman of Toa Payoh East and his blog reveals that he serves under MP Josephine Teo.

The anonymous netizen is known only as rocksontan, who first used a vulgar word directed at Mr Cheo.

In a report in Shin Min Daily News, Mr Cheo told the newspaper that he regrets his actions.

He said that his outburst began after seeing rocksontan's remark on Monday.

"I went to check up on this user and realised he's an anonymous person. He made a personal attack on me and it made me very angry.

"I did what I did so that I could reveal his identity. I apologise for my behaviour," said Mr Cheo.

He said that the situation became worse after his identity as a YPAP leader was revealed.

Mr Cheo told the Chinese evening daily that he had joined the YPAP for volunteer work and not because of politics, therefore he will not let this matter affect him.

A spokesperson from YPAP told Shin Min Daily News that Mr Cheo's actions do not reflect the opinions or position of the organisation, and are solely his personal stand on the matter.

The Chinese evening daily also reported that YPAP will not be issuing an official statement and that although it encourages its leaders to participate in social media platforms, they have been told to do so responsibly.

However, some netizens have expressed disappointment with Mr Cheo's behaviour.

AsiaOne forum user icemanV wrote: "We are doomed if he ever becomes our leader."

Another forum user, GuyFromOz, wrote in AsiaOne that "Rockson is a troll who does what he does in a comedic vein; if you ignore the vulgarity, he's actually quite a funny guy."

"Mr Cheo, on the other hand, is a representive of our government; this renders his online conduct inexcusable, to say the least."

AsiaOne has attempted contacting Mr Cheo but there has been no response.

About the argument

Mr Cheo and rocksontan launched into a tirade of words on Monday after the latter replied to Mr Cheo's quote in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Mr Cheo, who donated $10,000 by ordering an autographed copy of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's new book, told The Sunday Times that "nobody is bigger than MM in Singapore" and that "he is equivalent of Nelson Mandela to Singaporeans.

rocksontan left a comment in Twitter the following morning: "Cheo Ming Shen says LKY is equivalent of Nelson Mandela to Singaporeans?!! Who is this XXX (derogatory term for a woman's private part)?

Mr Cheo then replied him via Twitter, peppered with vulgarities, asking him "who the XXXX are you".

The two then exchanged remarks, taunting and calling each other names.

A transcript of their Twitter argument shows rocksontan dedicating a Twitter channel (#WaysLKYislikeMandela) to Mr Cheo, while the YPAP leader continued to "dedicate songs" and so on.

Their exchanges seemed to have detoriated into a childish word war.

Mr Cheo allegedly threatened rocksontan by saying that someone told him he lives in Bukit Batok and that he "will wait everyday at 5pm with a rose".

He also tweeted "Drop your moniker boy. It brings more trouble than you know".


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