PAP's youngest candidate faces online criticism

SINGAPORE - Ms Tin Pei Ling's first foray into the public eye as People's Action Party's youngest candidate has seen her at the receiving end of netizens' criticisms.

Shortly after her introduction to the media, bloggers and websites have picked her apart, with the most harsh comments reserved for her young age, and allegations that she was fielded because of her husband's position as principal private secretary to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Ms Tin, 27, is a senior associate at Ernst & Young Advisory. She has been serving in the grassroots for seven years and is expected to contest in the MacPherson ward in the Marine Parade group representation constituency (GRC) in the coming General Election.

Pictures from her Facebook account have also emerged, and show her posing with a Kate Spade shopping bag or on holiday with her husband.

This photo, along with a YouTube video of which shows Ms Tin emcee-ing at a PAP event, were quoted as examples of her 'acting cute'.

At the end of the clip Ms Tin abruptly said: "I don't know what to say!" Then, she laughed and stomped her feet.

The New Paper reported that Ms Tin explained the YouTube video at a press conference on Monday

She said she was caught by surprise when her comrades had asked her to give a door-stop interview when receiving a youth medal at the party awards.

Ms Tin told The New Paper: "Some of them (online criticism) can be rather personal, and it wouldn't be the best use of my energy and attention to keep thinking about why they say this about me..."

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