Nicole Seah files complaint against Tin Pei Ling

Political newcomer Nicole Seah from the National Solidarity Party (NSP) has lodged an official complaint against her opponent, People's Action Party (PAP) candidate, Tin Pei Ling, with the Elections Department this morning.

Shin Min Daily News reported that Miss Seah took issue with Miss Tin, whom she said had been distributing copies of a PAP booklet entitled "Burning Questions" to the residents of Tampines St. 41 Block 428 on Cooling Off Day. No campaigning is allowed on this day, and all election advertising that is not already lawfully displayed cannot be published either.

Miss Seah also took offense over a remark that was posted with Miss Tin's Facebook account on Cooling Off Day, in response to a video that showed Miss Seah crying after being told about a Macpherson female resident who could not get a refund of her son's $80 tuition fees.

Seah was seen crying in public twice over this incident when she was at a walkabout in Macpherson, and again when she recalled the encounter during a rally. The comment made on Miss Tin Facebook account was in response to the incident.

Tin had earlier said that it was an "honest mistake" made by her administrator, Denise He. She said that she did not post the comment personally, and that He had did it thinking that she was commenting from her own account instead of Tin's.

Another netizen named Tan Yu Xiang has also lodged an official complaint to the Elections Department. The Department has said they would "look into the matter".

Watch the RazorTV video for more information.