Nicole Seah asks for donations online

By Zul Othman

NICOLE Seah is back online - this time to appeal for donations to help defray the costs and expenses incurred by the National Solidarity Party's (NSP) Marine Parade GRC General Election campaign.

But her plea has raised eyebrows among some netizens. On a Facebook page, she stated that the donated funds will go directly into a bank account in her name.

While the online plea has garnered its share of supporters with more than 500 "likes" on her post, some netizens are unsure about the use of a personal bank account, and there is an ongoing debate within the comments thread about the legality of using her own account.

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Marine Parade resident William Lim, 29, for example, said while he did not mind donating to help NSP, the decision to channel the funds into Miss Seah's account did not seem "wise".

He said: "The money should go directly into an account in the name of the party for the sake of transparency".

Political Donations Act

Miss Seah seemed mindful of such concerns.

On her original post on Tuesday, she had made an appeal on social networking site Facebook and several other online forums asking for contributions to help the team pay off its campaign bills.

Miss Seah wrote: "Based on the invoices at hand to date, the Marine Parade Campaign expenses are well over $35,000 and will be borne by my teammates and I personally, as candidates.

"I am legally allowed to ask for contributions from fellow Singaporeans. Hence, do consider if you could help."

She later clarified via a Facebook post that the account was "set up solely for the purpose of ensuring that the funds are cleanly obtained".

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