Pakistan blasts 'twisted' story on Clinton, Bhutto
Tue, Jan 01, 2008

ISLAMABAD - PAKISTAN on Monday said US politicians should not make statements about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto that could be 'distorted' after a US paper quoted Hillary Clinton saying some people believed the army was responsible.

The website of US paper Newsday quoted Mrs Clinton saying that some unnamed people had called Ms Bhutto's killing 'an inside job' because she was killed in the city of Rawalpindi, where Pakistan's military headquarters is located.

The story said Mrs Clinton was 'raising the possibility the country's military might have assassinated Benazir Bhutto because the killing took place in the garrison city of Rawalpindi.' The Pakistan government has said Al-Qaeda was behind her killing on Thursday.

'There are those saying that Al-Qaeda did it. Others are saying it looked like it was an inside job - remember Rawalpindi is a garrison city,' the paper quoted her as saying.

'We take strong exception to the report that has twisted remarks by Senator Hillary Clinton to suggest that Pakistani troops might have killed Bhutto,' Pakistan's foreign ministry said in a statement late on Monday.

'We reject such ridiculous, absurd and sinister insinuations that reek of animus against Pakistan and an intent to see Pakistan destabilised,' it said.

'We also expect that responsible leaders and public figures in the US would refrain from making statements that are likely to be distorted and misused and could further upset the people, who are still in a state of shock.'

Mrs Clinton has called for an international investigation into Ms Bhutto's killing, something government officials here have ruled out. -- AFP


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