Wed, Apr 28, 2010
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Meteorologist warns of severe heat wave

THAILAND - The 43 degrees Celsius reported in Lampang a few weeks ago was a record for the country. It is an indicator of coming drought and possibly a heat wave - a period of high temperatures lasting for more than three days.

The phenomenon regularly kills weak people in many reported incidents worldwide, he said.

The elderly and young children are most vulnerable, he said.

No public health authorities or relief agencies have yet educated Thais about how to handle a heat wave, he said.

The situation would be made worse next year when El Nino returns to the tropical Pacific Ocean and would cause chaos in weather patterns in many coastal countries including Thailand.

Frequent earthquakes and occasional volcanic eruptions also signify the imminent end of the world, which will probably take place sooner than predicted, said Smith, chairman of the Foundation of National Disaster Warning Council of Thailand.

Earthquakes are relevant to Thailand in the case of undersea tremors related to faults in the Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea.

"The risk of tsunamis is still facing Thailand on its West Coast as a result," he said.

At a seminar in Nakhon Ratchasima on drought, he explained to irrigation and relief officials in the region how to cope with dry spells and the lack of rainfall that were currently afflicting farmers and would grow more severe in the years to come.

Buri Ram is enduring summer storms throughout this month and has been declared a disaster zone.

Governor Serm Chainarong said 500 homes in seven districts had been smashed and more than 60 rai of rubber plantations flattened, leaving about Bt5 million in property damage.

-The Nation/ANN

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