Tue, May 18, 2010
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Korea: S$930,000 jackpot winner donates entire winnings to university

Korea: A man who won the biggest-ever jackpot at a local casino yesterday donated all his prize money to a university.

Ahn Seung-pil, 60, won 766 million won ($665,000) at Kangwon Land, the nation's only casino open to local citizens, on Saturday and onated all the money to the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology yesterday.

The prize money was the biggest jackpot ever won at Kangwon Land and also foreigner-only casinos here.

"After watching a program on the importance of science, I decided to donate all the money to KAIST," Ahn said yesterday on his visit to the casino in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province.

Ahn, who is running a textile business, once thought to pay off the remaining debt owed since the financial crisis in 1997. However, he persuaded his family, he said, because he can repay all the debt if he tries more.

"Because I'm not highly educated, I have dreamed to contribute to the development of education. I'm very happy to realize the dream through unexpected luck," he said.

After a brief ceremony of less than 10 minutes, he was said to hurry back to Seoul.

It is the first time that a prize-winner has donated the money since the casino opened in 2000.

Along with providing Ahn with a variety of free gifts, the casino decided to display a plaster work of his hand at its gambling hall.

- The Korea Herald / Asia News Network

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  Korea: S$930,000 jackpot winner donates entire winnings to university
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