Three suspects arrested for crimes in Japan's hostess bars
Wed, Jul 14, 2010
The China Post/Asia News Network

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) and Yilan Police on Monday arrested three men in Yilan County for vandalizing properties, robbery and other crimes in two hostess bars in Japan, stated a CIB press release yesterday.

The main suspect behind the crimes, a woman surnamed Tsai, is still on the run. The arrested suspects, Ku Chi-wen, 37, Li Chuan-chung, 29, and Lin Kuan-yu, 25, were found to have held club managers hostage in the restrooms before they vandalized the equipment and furniture inside the two hostess clubs in Tokyo on March 18, police said.

The gangsters also robbed one manager of his cell phone, totaling an NT$3.19 million (S$1.3 million) financial loss for the two night-time entertaining businesses. Starting her hostess bar 23 years ago in the same area as the two ravaged clubs, Tsai decided to hand over the ownership to her niece, surnamed Li, as she retired around 7 years ago, according to police. At the time Li agreed to offer Tsai a monthly reward ranging from NT$300,000 to NT$600,000.

But Tsai became angered over the fact that Li rejected to continue the payment on the grounds that business was poor in January and that she opened a new hostess bar in the same building in February.

Tsai thus organized the crimes to destroy Li's bar and another club operated by Tsai's former staff, which could pose a threat to her existing profits, police added.

The four suspects flew back to Taiwan one day after they committed the crimes, while Tsai later fled to China in the middle of April.

After their arrest, the suspects confessed to having committed the crimes under Tsai's direction.

Taiwanese Police will collaborate with Japanese and Chinese counterparts in tracing Tsai down.



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