Thai factories inundated after embankment collapses

Many factories in the Rojana Industrial Park of flood-hit Ayutthaya were heavily inundated yesterday evening after a section of a six-metre-high earth-filled embankment collapsed under high water pressure.

Efforts to repair the two-metre-long collapsed section continued into the night.

A Honda Automobile (Thailand) factory, which is located right in front of the damaged section, was the first to be hit by the rushing flood waters. The Honda factory was under 30 centimetres of water.

Another 20 factories in the industrial estate also got flooded. The estate, in the province's Uthai district, houses some 200 factories that mostly manufacture automotive parts and electronic products, according to a reporter.

Soldiers, rescue workers, and factory employees were racing against time to rebuild the damaged section of the embankment with sandbags.

Estimated damage was not known last night and unauthorised personnel were not allowed inside the factory compound.

Earlier, finished cars from the Honda factory had already been moved elsewhere and part of the factory's production line was suspended due to fears of flooding.