Chinese teens sell sex for extra pocket money

Police have taken in 20 teenage girls in Shanghai, China, who have been offering sex to earn pocket money.

Among those arrested are mostly students under 18 years old and two under 14.

Three of the suspects are believed to be the masterminds behind the "teenage prostitution ring" and face charges of offering sex services and inducing classmates and friends to enter the business, reported Shanghai Daily.

The girls were caught after a customer reported to police that he had a valuable watch stolen from him.

According to district prosecutors, the "ring" was established in 2009 when the three girls started offering sex services and looked for more girls to join them.

They introduced classmates into the business and earned commissions from the fees they earned.

The girls solicited for sex on a website on which they asked customers whether they needed young girls to "play with". They would then arrange for an appointment, typically at hotels late at night.

Fees for such services could go up to 1,000 yuan (S$199.70).

A vocational school student nicknamed Xiao Wen told prosecutors she got into the business because she believed it was a quick way to earn the extra buck.

She said: "I don't want to be a normal worker like my parents, living a hard life to earn money."

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