Sat, Oct 02, 2010
The Korea Herald/Asia News Network
South Korean lawmakers to probe teenage girl groups

SOUTH Korea's parliament will launch an inquiry into claims that performances by teenage girl pop groups are too sexually suggestive, a lawmaker's aide said Thursday, AFP reported.

The culture committee has summoned the heads of the country's three leading entertainment agencies which hire the groups.

"The committee will ask them whether the teenagers have been compelled to wear revealing clothes and sing songs with suggestive moves and lyrics," the aide to lawmaker Ahn Hyoung-Hwan of the ruling Grand National Party told AFP. "Some of the popular girl groups are sixth and seventh graders (aged 13-14)... we need some legal devices to protect those young performers from possible abuse."

GP Basic, a new six-girl group which debuted last month, has an average age of 15.







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