'Yes, I slept with Edison': Cammi Tse

Schoolgirl and model Cammi Tse, 16, who was in a recent photo scandal with Hong Kong singer Edison Chen, has admitted that she did indeed lose her virginity to him, reported the May Daily website.

Her confession contradicts earlier claims that she did not have sex with Chen and that there were no naked photos or sex photos in her phone.

During an interview last Wednesday, Tse broke down and admitted that Edison filmed a two-minute bedroom scene but she stressed that she did wear underwear and a uniform while doing it.

She said Edison wanted to film her, saying it was for his company.

Tse explained that they were together for three months and had a "really great time".

"He loved me so much at the time and I believe he was wholehearted," she told the media.

The student model turned 16 in March, the legal age of consensual sexual activities in Hong Kong.

Her relationship with Chen was exposed after photos of them hugging and kissing were leaked online after Tse had lost her mobile phone.

Chen had also sent a string of steamy text messages to Tse, with some asking her to pose for him in her school uniform and swimsuits. He said he wanted to take photos her in those outfits.

Their photos were published in Hong Kong tabloid Eastweek, almost like a crude reminder of Chen's scandalous photo scandal which implicated a slew of female celebrities.

Tse also denied reports that Chen had a fetish involving uniforms and had asked her to put them on for him.

Chen was reported to have bought sexy lingerie for her, but she said: "It was just talk. I didn't bring my school uniforms to his house, neither did I wear the lingerie that he bought.

"I had my own."

Edison and his rumoured flings
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