Optimus Prime and Bumblebee greeting guests of Universal Studio Sentosa on opening day.

Megatron, villainous robot and leader of the Decepticons, has waited eons for this moment. One of his faithful minions, Sideways, has broken into the NEST base and is now wresting control of the Allspark from Bumblebee.

But wait ... Bumblebee tosses the Allspark our way.

Catching it, we use the fastest escape route - the elevator shaft. Fwoosh! Out of nowhere, the unstoppable Megatron appears. Bam! Wham!

We manage to flee from his grasp after trading a few metal-thumping blows. But oops, it's a dead end! Oh no! Megatron unleashes his missiles, both of which are racing towards us at hyper speed. KABOOM!

Welcome to the ride of your lives, Transformers fans. Launched at Universal Studios Sentosa in Singapore two Saturdays ago, Transformers: The Ride is touted as an exciting, immersive theme park experience like no other.

The moment riders step inside the military command and control bunker as a new recruit of NEST (the Non-Biological Extraterrestrial Species Team) headed by Optimus Prime, they are transported into a Transformers universe filled with shape-shifting intergalactic robots.

Their mission: to protect the remaining shard of the Allspark, a powerful energy cube that gives life to the Transformers.

However, the Decepticons attack NEST to steal the Allspark. That's when the rip-roaring action begins: riders hurtle through subway tunnels, down city streets and onto high-ride rooftops on a Stealth Transport Bot named Evac, with the Decepticons hot on their heels.

If the high-octane battle scenes bear a striking resemblance to the movie franchise, it's because Transformers director and executive producer Michael Bay served as the attraction's creative consultant. He agreed to work with Universal on the ride, despite an earlier blog post that suggested otherwise: "I don't support it yet - I'm not involved and (I'm) not sure the story of the ride works, and I know Optimus is not going to just show up to be directed by some new people that have never worked with him."

After spending four years and an insane amount of cash to design, engineer and produce Transformers: The Ride, Universal Studios is finally ready to unveil it at Sentosa. And judging by the look on my fellow recruits' faces as they dismount Evac, it is epic.

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