TVB actor, Sunny Chan finds joy in caring for autistic son

Often the Mr Nice Guy in TVB dramas, Sunny Chan is also the caring father of an autistic child in real life.

The Hong Kong actor now spends up to six months a year at home, so that he can devote half his time to looking after his five-year-old son, Edgar.

Chan said he finds lots of joy and satisfaction from teaching Edgar to write Chinese characters. "My son is smarter than me... When I was a child, I started learning English alphabets in Primary 3. But I couldn't recite A to Z in the correct order until I was in Secondary 3.

"I would just get them mixed up. But given time, I would get it right, so my son is just like me."

The River of Wine and Curse of the Royal Harem star went public with his son's condition last November, in an attempt to demotivate the prying paparazzi from harassing his son or his sisters' children for news leads.

"In the past, they (the paparazzi) would go snapping away right in the children's face. When I made police report after they scared the little ones to tears, they would then have a field day reporting on the saga," said Chan.

"But Hong Kong is a very small place. The media also guards its freedom to report jealously, so with no other choice, I just have to adapt to it."

The public disclosure did result in less harassment to his family, and another good thing that came out of it was, Chan has been receiving a lot of professional advice on ways to care for autistic children.

The proud father also shared some of the most remarkable traits that he's seen in his son during his recent trip here to promote his dramas with fellow actors Kenny Wong and Raymond Wong.

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