DPM Teo answers enquiries on foreigners who jumped bail

SINGAPORE - Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean today addressed MP Tin Pei Ling's enquiries on the case of two foreigners who absconded while on bail.

Minister Teo Thursday said in Parliament today that an inquiry is ongoing to investigate if there was any mismanagement of the case.

"If there were any lapses or negligence, Police will take appropriate disciplinary action against the officers involved," said Mr Teo.

The two, Robert Dahlberg and Robert James Springall, were charged with assaulting a Singaporean outside Suntec City Convention Centre in April 2010.

Together with Nathan Robert Miller, the three were said to be drunk when they abused two taxi drivers, two taxi passengers and also hijacked and then crashed a taxi in the early hours on April 11.

Expecting the inquiry to be completed next month, DPM Teo said warrants of arrest have been issued against Dahlberg and Springall who left Singapore.

"Police will work closely with INTERPOL and its overseas counterparts to locate the two men and bring them back to face the charges that have been laid against them," he added.

He pointed out that their extradition would depend on several factors including if Singapore has an extradition treaty or arrangement with the country the accused have fled to, and whether the offence committed by the person is an extraditable offence.

Miss Tin also asked Minister Teo about the assessment of foreigners for flight risk, the measures taken to prevent such foreigners from absconding and the criteria applied in the assessment of whether extradition proceedings against such foreigners who have fled jurisdiction will be commenced.

In reply, he emphasised that there is a standard set of procedures for the handling of accused persons, whatever their nationality, from arrest, to investigation, to charging them in court, and to police bail.

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