Health-care subsidies for PRs cut

Health-care subsidies for permanent residents (PRs) will be cut from the third quarter of this year, as part of moves to sharpen the difference in benefits for Singapore citizens and PRs.

The adjustments will mean that subsidies for PRs in most income bands will be half of what Singapore citizens receive.

The Ministry of Health announced yesterday that the adjustments will affect subsidies for inpatient-treatment services, such as staying in Class B2 and C wards, day surgery and treatment at specialist outpatient clinics.

The changes will apply to PR patients in restructured hospitals and those in intermediate- and long term-care facilities.

Currently, the subsidies PRs enjoy for staying in Class B2 and C wards in public hospitals and national centres are 20 percentage points less, compared to those for Singaporeans.

Under the revised subsidy structure, PR subsidies will drop even further, to half of what Singapore citizens receive.

PRs with lower monthly incomes will get a smaller cut in subsidies.

To mitigate the impact of the adjustments, the Health Ministry said the changes will be gradually introduced in two phases - in October and in April next year.

However, Dr Lam Pin Min, who chairs the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Health, felt the subsidy reduction was "excessive".

"The current difference in subsidy between Singaporeans and PRs is already 20 percentage points," he said.

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