Png reiterates stand against NCMP scheme

Png Eng Huat at the WP rally last night. He reiterated his stance against the NCMP scheme yesterday, saying he did not want to go to Parliament via that route.

SINGAPORE - Workers' Party (WP) candidate for Hougang, Mr Png Eng Huat, reiterated his stance against the Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) scheme yesterday, saying he did not want to go to Parliament via that route.

"I just want to send a message to (Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean) that I'm the best man for the job and the NCMP position that he cited - (on) why wasn't I considered - is because I have a stand against it," Mr Png told reporters between campaigning activities in Hougang Avenue 2.

The semi-retired businessman, 50, was responding to comments made by Mr Teo at Sunday's People's Action Party (PAP) rally.

Mr Teo had asked why the WP had not chosen Mr Png to be an NCMP after the General Election last year.

He said voters need to question why they should send Mr Png to Parliament now.

Last year, the WP was offered two NCMP seats, one from the single-seat Joo Chiat constituency and the other from its five-member East Coast GRC team, which Mr Png was a part of.

Mr Png's stand against the NCMP scheme was the source of controversy in the past two days.

In an interview on Monday, he said he had taken his name out of the "ballot" for the NCMP post last year.

But images circulated online by an anonymous source later raised questions on what Mr Png said.

They appeared to be minutes of a WP extraordinary meeting held on May 12 last year, and showed that Mr Png's name was included in a secret vote by the party's central executive committee for the NCMP post.

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