AIM refutes Aljunied-Hougang Town Council's claims

Action Information Management chairman Chandra Das has refuted Aljunied-Hougang Town Council's (AHTC) claims that it had to fight for a service extension to continue using the existing town council management system.

In a statement issued on Christmas Eve, Mr Chandra Das, a former PAP MP said that the Workers' Party intended to develop its own management system after it took over the town council and that Aim readily gave it the two extensions it sought.

He added that Aim would have willingly granted further extensions if the AHTC had asked for it.

"It is noted that the TC had expressed appreciation to Aim for the assistance rendered in related matters," he said.

The statement is the latest instalment of a disagreement that started last week between Aim and AHTC.

AHTC chairman Sylvia Lim said the town council performed badly in some areas of the recent town council management review because Aim terminated its lease of computer systems last year, following WP's takeover of Aljunied town council after the general election.

She questioned why the PAP town councils had sold the system to Aim in January last year in a leaseback scheme, with a clause that allowed for Aim to terminate the software lease with a month's notice should there be a "material change" to the town council's membership.

Aim subsequently said that it granted two extensions to AHTC. Ms Lim then said that the first extension had to be "fought for", while the second was given only to staff from the PAP's former managing agent for the town council.

On Monday, Mr Chandra Das contended that Ms Lim's allegation that it was "fought for" was inaccurate. "We note that she did not provide any details or basis to support the allegation," he said.

He added that AHTC informed Aim in June 2011 that the town council wanted to develop its own town council management system and requested extensions on two occasions - the first until Aug 31, 2011 and the second until Sep 9, 2011.

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