Supervisor in slapping video apologises to intern's parents

SINGAPORE - The supervisor who was filmed repeatedly slapping a 29-year-old intern has apologised to his parents.

However, they refused to accept the apology from the supervisor known as Alan, the Shin Min Daily News reported.

The Chinese daily said that when the parents looked him up at his office this morning to demand an explanation for his actions, the supervisor apologised and claimed that he did it in a fit of anger.

The parents also told Alan that their son would not be turning up for work from Tuesday.

They told Shin Min that their son appeared to be under a lot of stress from his job at the local private firm. They added that he regularly worked long hours, reaching home as late as 11pm on some nights.

The intern was paid a monthly allowance of between $500 and $600 by the company.

The parents were shown the video, which was first uploaded on YouTube on May 17 and went viral, by their nephew who thought that the victim resembled his cousin. The intern had initially refused to admit that he was the employee in the video.

The intern refused to explain to why his supervisor had hit him, but he told the daily that it was the first such incident.

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