Rare bunny crushed to death by cameraman

Fame comes with a price - and sometimes death - as seen in the case of Til, a rare earless bunny who was crushed to death at his own press conference in a small zoo in eastern Germany.

While the media was assembling to introduce his cuteness to the world, the 17-day-old bunny was killed after a television cameraman accidentally stepped on him.

Til, who was born with a genetic defect, was buried in hay when the cameraman took a step backwards, killing him instantly.

Director of the zoo, Mr Uwe Dempewolf, explained to the German news organisation Spiegel Online that Til "did not suffer" and it was a direct hit.

"No one could have foreseen this. Everyone here is upset. The cameraman was distraught," said Mr Dempewolf.

Spiegel, who called the tragic bunny a 'victim of the media', reported that Til's body would be frozen until zoo officials decide whether to have him stuffed.

Earless rabbits are a rarity and Til's cuteness would have made him a star in a country where small, furry animals are historically celebrated.


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