Wed, Apr 01, 2009
Jackie Chan: S'porean actresses need to work harder

In Singapore recently to promote his latest film, "Shinjuku Incident", Hong Kong celebrity Jackie Chan, 54, had only praises for the female co-stars, popular Chinese actresses Fan Bing Bing, 28, and Xu Jing Lei, 35.

According to a report in the Shin Min Daily News, he told reporters during a press conference how impressed he was with the actresses' performance.

The actor, who seemed to be in a genial mood, also let slip the comment that in comparison, Singapore actresses still "need to work harder".

When pressed by reporters present if that meant local actresses "are not hardworking enough", the actor did not disagree, but refused to comment on whether he was referring to any one in particular.

Special attention showered on co-star?

To further cement his high opinion of his Chinese co-stars, Jackie also commented how actresses in China were not afraid of hardship and could endure all types of "suffering and pain" during filming.

He cited the example of how both actresses were both able to memorise and speak their lines in Japanese fluently, even though they did not understand a word of the language.

He said: "Even though I'm fluent in Japanese, I still needed to rely on notes pasted everywhere to help me remember my dialogue!"

Reports in tabloids overseas have also alleged that Jackie showered special attention on Fan during filming, and that he had given her more scenes in the film.

Jackie dismissed these allegations by saying: "No scenes were added, I was only joking!"

He revealed that there was actually an intimate bed scene with Fan, which had to be cut as the film was too long.

Who is he referring to?

The article from the Chinese daily also speculated if Jackie was referring to a particular local actress he had worked with before.

Jackie had previously co-starred with two local actresses - actress Pan Ling Ling in the 1993 movie, "Crime Story", as well as Fann Wong in the 2003 Hollywood blockbuster, "Shanghai Knights".

Other than in movies, local actress Ong Ai Leng has also appeared opposite Jackie in an advertisement.

Was he referring to any one of them?

When asked for a response to Jackie's comments, Ling Ling, who played a psychologist in the film, laughed and said: "I remember working on the film for only five to six days. My role was so small, how would one be able to see the effort I put in?"

The veteran actress defended her colleagues, saying they were just as hardworking when filming overseas.

"Fann Wong is an example of someone who puts in a lot of effort in her work, as does Yvonne Lim. I am definitely also one of them." she said. 

She continued: "Regarding whether one can endure hardship, it may also be limited by how physically strong the person is."

Ling Ling further defended the work of local actresses by saying that sometimes their 'effort' might not be immediately obvious, especially when it was a role that did not require action scenes.

Both Ai Leng and Fann could not be reached for comment. They are currently filming overseas.

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