Fri, Feb 25, 2011
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Lenka's all grown up and married

By Victoria Barker

AUSTRALIAN pop princess Lenka Kripac, better known simply as Lenka, is growing up.

Though she is famous for cutesy, optimistic ditties like The Show and Trouble Is A Friend (from her 2008 eponymous debut), the 32-year-old finds that she is starting to write darker songs.

Plus, the twinkle-eyed lass tied the knot just three weeks ago. She is married to visual artist James Gulliver Hancock, who does most of the art on her albums and stage set-ups.

Ahead of her second Singapore showcase tomorrow - a closed-door showcase at TAB - my paper sat down with her for a chat about married life and her second album, Two.

How does the new album compare to the last?

It's faster, more dancey and a bit more electronic. It's still definitely a happy, mood-lifter kind of album, even more so than the last.

But it's not quite so cutesy and childlike.

Does that mean that you might be gravitating towards a darker sound in the future?

I do write songs that are a bit darker and weirder, as well as more experimental and slower with less hooks. I choose not to put them on Two.

There's a part of me that fears my fans would hate them. They seem to respond really well when I write uplifting songs.

How's married life been treating you?

We've been together for 5½ years, so it doesn't really feel different... I'm glad I'm with someone who's really cool with me writing about our deepest, darkest moments.


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