Cynthia Koh delays ovarian cyst op to complete filming

LOCAL actress Cynthia Koh will undergo surgery tomorrow to have two ovarian cysts removed, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Koh, 38, said that the operation had been pushed back for seven months, and was kept under wraps from the production crew of her latest drama serial, Show Hand, which concluded filming recently.

Koh revealed that she experienced abnormal levels of bleeding during her period recently and a check-up at the gynaecologist found two benign cysts - measuring 5.1cm and 2.1cm - in her ovaries.

She was advised by her doctors to get them removed if she was planning to conceive.

"I think it's hard to talk about pregnancy now, but who knows if I want to have kids in the future. To protect my womb, I accepted the doctor's recommendations to go for the keyhole surgery," she said.

Koh will appear in the upcoming Chinese serial, Show Hand, acting as the wife of a former actor and ex-convict who is played by Christopher Lee.