Plans to adopt put on hold - Andrea and Pierre

One and a half years ago, local celebrity couple Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz had talked about adopting children.

But they've shelved their plans for now.

Png, 38, told The New Paper in an interview on Monday that it's still one of their priorities, but they are currently into saving unwanted and abandoned dogs.

"To bring a child into our lives is a big commitment. We need time to prepare," the MediaCorp actor said.

"Apart from giving a child a place to stay, it's also about raising the child and providing education.

"It's a different ball game from taking care of an animal. We'll see what we can do with giving animals a second chance and maybe we'll know what to do with somebody's child... "Things happen. We may end up not adopting."

Png was at the press conference for his new Channel 8 drama Pillow Talk, which airs on Monday at 9pm.

He plays Tingkai, a newlywed who discovers that love and marriage isn't what he had expected. The drama, which explores the meaning of marriage through the lives of four couples, also stars Joanne Peh, Michelle Chia, Xiang Yun, Thomas Ong and Jacelyn Tay, who is back on TV after a six-year absence.

Png and De Cruz, who have two puppies, are unable to have their own children as she is on anti-rejection medication after a liver transplant 10 years ago.

Png donated part of his liver to DeCruz, who was then his girlfriend, after her liver failed from taking the slimming product, Slim 10.

De Cruz, 37, told The New Paper yesterday in a separate interview that they are open to having children, but the timing has been off.

She said: "Around two or three years ago, we received phone calls from friends and had photos sent over to us of children in Malaysia who are up for adoption.

"But the timing wasn't right both times. We want to be really prepared for parenthood."

She added: "We need Pierre to have more time to be a father. Time is of the essence. Both of us do not want him to be an absent father."

Pierre has been busy filming Channel 8 dramas back to back.

Prior to Pillow Talk, he was one of the leads in Channel 8 dramas Rescue 995 and The In-Laws, and was also shooting the second season of children's drama Zero Hero on okto.

Next month, he will begin filming yet another Channel 8 drama titled X-Factor.

For now, the couple are extending their parental love to about 15 nephews, nieces and godchildren.

De Cruz said she's like a second mother to them, taking them on rides at Universal Studios Singapore even though she doesn't like roller coasters.

Png, on the other hand, sheepishly said he has been a bad godfather.

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