Han hurts herself doing own stunts

She's known for her gorgeous, long legs.

But Han Chae Ah did them a disservice when she hurt her thigh muscles badly a few months ago - all because she insisted on doing her own stunts.

Nonetheless, the pretty Korean actress has no regrets - work takes priority above all else.

In Korean drama Hero, which airs on Celestial Movies; (StarHub CH 868) and (SingTel mio CH 52), Han plays a passionate and honest detective.

When it premiered in Korea in March, Hero earned the top spot in its time slot among all the cable channels there.

Having first had lessons at what she calls "action school" two years ago and just two months prior to the filming of Hero, Han thought she was fully prepared for the onslaught of physical stunts that she had to perform.

She told The New Paper via e-mail: "I had to run fast for one scene but I wasn't warmed up when I started running.

"Suddenly, I felt an acute pain and I couldn't run any more.

"But filming the scene myself was a promise (what I felt I owed) to viewers, so after resting for three days, I went back to shooting the drama."

Han, who keeps her legs in perfect shape by "walking and jogging a lot" admitted that she could have used a body double for the action scenes in the show.

She said: "I think all actors want to do their own action scenes.

"If I didn't do my own action scenes, it would mean that I wasn't immersed in my role."

Added the 28-year-old: "It is challenging acting in an action drama, but you get a sense of achievement and fulfilment when you master a stunt and deliver it well."

This display of performing her stunts and shooting bad guys impressed her co-star, Korean actor Yang Dong Kuen.

However, she insisted that sparks didn't fly on set.

Said Han: "We kept our relationship professional.

"He is a really good actor and looks after me well. We are like brother and sister."

Yang will also be crushed to know that he was passed over for her other co-star.

In a recent interview with the Korean media, Han was asked who she would pick if she had to choose between Yang and her Bridal Mask (2012) co-star Joo Won for a boyfriend.

Han told Korean media: "This question is very hard to answer, they are both very good actors. If I really have to choose, I will choose Joo Won."

Reflecting on that interview, she told The New Paper: "I am straightforward by nature so I don't have any secrets. I always speak frankly."

But she was secretive when asked about her upcoming silver screen debut and why it took her this long to star in a film.

Said Han: "I can't reveal too much about it (my next movie) yet, but it is going to be really exciting.

"And I guess there are many factors involved in deciding whether I will be suitable for movies."

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