Lawyer M. Ravi in temple row

Last Friday, one day before he saw his psychiatrist, lawyer M. Ravi was involved in an exchange at the Sri Mariamman Temple.

The New Paper understands that he got into a shouting match with officials at the South Bridge Road temple.

Mr Ravi, a regular devotee of the Hindu temple, confirmed the incident with The New Paper on Wednesday.

"I have the right to find out about certain details as a devotee...I am challenging the members of the committee to sue me if they have objections," Mr Ravi said heatedly.

A police spokesman said they received a call at 7.10pm on Friday requesting for assistance, but the man had left the temple before they arrived.

On Saturday, Mr Ravi was examined by psychiatrist Calvin Fones for a possible relapse of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is characterised by manic and depressive episodes.

The day after he was examined, Mr Ravi was back at the temple and involved in another incident. When contacted, the temple committee declined to comment on the incidents.

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