Police report lodged against ex-NTUC staff for racially offensive remarks

SINGAPORE - A police report has been lodged against former assistant director of NTUC membership Amy Cheong for her racially offensive comments posted on her Facebook page.

The report was made by Lionel de Souza, 69, who is the People Action Party's assistant branch secretary in the single-member constituency (SMC) Hougang.

Stating himself to be the secretary of the SMC's inter-racial confidence circle, he said that the comments made by Cheong were "calculated to promote enmity between different groups on ground of race."

This he said is "prejudicial to maintenance of racial harmony in Singapore, by virtue of the words used in the said comments."

In the report, he urged the police to take a serious view of the comments as they hurt the feelings of Malays.

Cheong had posted comments on her personal Facebook page complaining about Malay weddings at void decks.

She was sacked by the labour movement today, with immediate effect.

In July this year, the police arrested two youths for allegedly posting racist remarks online. They had allegedly made derogatory comments aimed at a minority race here.

Regarding the arrest, the police had said: "that the posts could "promote ill-will and hostility between different races in Singapore".

It had also said then that anyone who re-posts or makes offensive comments on the racist posts, and is found to have committed an offence, "will be dealt with in accordance with the law".


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