Zeng Guoyan's 5 reasons for not contesting

SINGAPORE - Independent hopeful Zeng Guoyan showed up at the nomination centre on Wednesday morning but left without filing his papers.

The businessman appeared in an Arab outfit and claimed he was given the outfit by his clients in the UAE.

He gave 5 reasons why he is not contesting in the Punggol East by-election.

Firstly he said, "If I put in the money they will just swallow it up."

He then held up $14,500 in cash.

To the question of whether he had submitted his papers, he said, "I can't. I must get the green light. I need to get the President's pardon."

He was then asked if it was because he had been fined.

To which he replied, "They set me up. The system. They can easily charge a man for molesting, and charge him in court.

"When I tried to question the girl, she just stood down and cried and the judge stopped everything and found me guilty."

The case he was referring to was an outrage of modesty claim in 1997. He was also fined in 2008 for abusing police officers, and jailed in 2009 for putting up banners on escaped Jemaah Islamiah detainee Mas Selamat Kastari without permission.

However, in the interview on Wednesday he claimed that he never abused the police officers even though he was fined for the offence.

He then said, "Today is a test...Anybody who is an opposition, a true opposition should give way to the right candidate.

He also admitted that he was calling for the opposition members to give way to the Workers' Party.

He added that he is still trying to stand in the next election, though he did not specify any particular constituency.


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