Mon, Dec 07, 2009
The New Paper
Bashed up over $250 karaoke bill

[Above: Still in pain. Madam Wang said her head is still hurting from the beating. (Above) Her injured foot.]

By Ng Wan Ching

IT WAS supposed to be a fun trip out to a karaoke club for two women.

But it turned into a nightmare after one of them complained about the bill.

The Chinese national, who wanted to be known only as Madam Wang, had asked to see a manager after the $250 bill arrived, as it was higher than she expected.

Madam Wang, 34, who is married to a Singaporean cabby, alleged that after she asked the manager if he was running a legitimate business, he took a whack at her head.

Then he allegedly dragged her for about 25m to the outside of the karaoke club and continued to bash her.

Madam Wang told The New Paper: "He was very fierce. He hit my head and my face a few times. Then he held my head and bashed it against the wall a few times."

Badly scraped

When he dragged her by her hand outside, she lost a shoe and her foot was badly scraped, with skin torn off her right toe. Her legs were also scratched and bruised.

Said an upset Madam Wang in Mandarin: "He kept saying 'You think this is China? This is Singapore! So what if I beat you up? So what if I beat you to death!'"

Said the housewife, who has been living here for over a year: "When we arrived at the place on Thursday night, we were told that there would be a minimum charge of $178 for the use of the karaoke room and drinks.

"I felt that was too expensive. But I was embarrassed to say so since we were already there and asked them about the price."

So she and her friend, who is also a Chinese national married to a Singaporean, stayed, from about 9pm to about 11pm.

They sang a few songs and drank a few glasses of beer.

"When we asked for the bill, I expected it to be $178. I was shocked to see it was $250. That was why I asked to see a manager," she said.

It was the first time she and her friend had been to a karaoke club in Singapore.

Said Madam Wang: "A taxi driver took us there. We did not know where to go and had asked him to take us somewhere where we could relax and have some fun."

Her husband was working at the time.

"He normally works the night shift until very late. He comes home around 4am. I get very bored by myself," she said.

She said she does not have many friends in Singapore - "only this one".

She claimed that other patrons and staff members at the club just looked on and did not help her.

After the beating, she dialled 999.

"Two policemen came and took down my statement. They said I should go to hospital and get my injuries checked," she said, adding that they gave her a form to take to the hospital.

"But the people at the club snatched the form from me after the police left. They then beat me up again," she claimed.

She has not been to see a doctor and has yet to make a police report.

"My husband said I had probably offended someone. He does not want any trouble. He's the type who just wants to lead a peaceful life. He's worried these people could get hold of our address and look for us.

"Though he's angry I am hurt, he doesn't want me to create problems," she said.

She said her head was still hurting from the beating, but her other injuries are not too serious.

Madam Wang, a former salesgirl from Sichuan province, met her 34-year-old husband over the Internet and travelled here once to meet him before marriage. She does not have permission to work in Singapore.

She said her friend paid the $250 bill and they left around 2am.

"She's married to a much richer man than I am. After she saw how badly I was beaten up, she did not ask me to pay my share."

The police confirmed that a 34-year-old woman had reported that she was assaulted by a man at a Jalan Sultan nightspot.

"The assailant had left before police arrived. The woman was advised on the course of action available to her if she wished to pursue the matter," a spokesman said.

When The New Paper called the karaoke club, two women who answered the phone both denied there had been a fight there on Thursday night.


This article was first published in The New Paper.


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