Weighing 150kg, Yi, who is in her 60s, suffers from recurrent episodes of asthma and sleep apnea due to her obesity. -AsiaOne
Three SPH journalists were also recognised for their editorial excellence. -AsiaOne
The National Environment Agency (NEA) said that with the completion of the Coroner's Inquiry, it will now proceed to prosecute the nasi padang stall licensee in court. -AsiaOne
Starting from Nov 1, couples will also have the option of co-renting the PPHS flat. -AsiaOne
Ms Elsie Chua will take over as Head of the Marketing Division from Jan 1, 2015, taking over from Mr Leslie Fong. -AsiaOne
The small boat had entered gazetted waters off Changi Naval Base on Oct 30, because the boat master had been disoriented in the dark. -AsiaOne
In two separate operations from Oct 26 to Oct 31, CNB officers arrested 113 drug offenders and seized over 1.2kg of heroin. -AsiaOne
The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) will investigate the mobile phone shop that refunded a woman $1,010 in coins for unfair trading practices. -AsiaOne
The AGC has also renamed the Economic Crimes and Governance Division as the Financial and Technology Crime Division to better deal with cybercrimes. -AsiaOne
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is glad that Singapore and Malaysia have been able to resolve the dispute amicably and in an impartial manner. -AsiaOne