63 per cent of respondents cite old photos, gifts, memorabilia, and keepsakes as the most popular hoarded items. -AsiaOne
The ban comes under the new Prohibited Tobacco Products Regulations made under Section 15 of the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act. -AsiaOne
The event's 5km route starts at Republic Boulevard and ends at the Marina Bay floating platform. -AsiaOne
Starhub acknowledged that some of its fibre broadband and digital voice services customers are still having difficulties in accessing the services at 4.10pm. -AsiaOne
Miss Rosie Skinner is believed to suffer from pica - an eating disorder in which people eat non-food materials. -AsiaOne
Now that his relationship and impending marriage to model Hannah Quinlivan is out in the open, Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou has further revealed that he will be holding two wedding banquets. -AsiaOne
He suffered several fractures after getting hit by a van and run over by 2 cars. -AsiaOne
The Vietnamese woman who was found murdered at an Ang Mo Kio flat last week had called her family in Vietnam just two days before her death, and wanted to go home in about a month to see her parents...
While no screws are visible from the outside, the Nexus 6 sports 22 screws holding the two halves of the phone together. -AsiaOne
Zhang Ziyi's comment at a recent press conference was seen by the media to be directed at her rocker beau, Wang Feng. -AsiaOne