The New Paper

Mr Tan Cheng Hau was killed when an SMRT bus hit him on Jurong East Avenue 1. -TNP
It is little wonder that many tutors and tuition centres have capitalised on this ongoing trend, cashing in on the $1 billion industry. -TNP
The frail little girl overcame the odds and celebrated her fifth birthday earlier this month. -TNP
Two new train cars that were added to the Bukit Panjang LRT system started service yesterday morning. -TNP
Retiree, 63, is among increasing number of men getting treatment for erectile dysfunction. -TNP
Buangkok residents unhappy with AVA officers trying to trap stray dogs in their estate, leading to confrontation. -TNP
CID gets new chief, his predecessor offers words of encouragement for the department. -TNP
Man, 53, fined for threatening debt collector. -TNP
His familiarity with Malaysia's players and tactics will be crucial for his young team. -TNP
Aussie man taxis his two-seater plane to a pub to grab a drink, gets fined for prank. -TNP