The New Paper

The puppies were discovered during a routine check at the Woodlands Checkpoint. -TNP
Morning rush-hour jam as almost all five lanes closed in accident. -TNP
People hold on to lengths of rope to get to high-ground safely and avoid being pulled by strong currents in the floods. -TNP
Schooling is unfazed by the added expectations for him to perform at the Asian Games. -TNP
Beyond the over-arching theme of unity, the Asian Games opening ceremony encapsulates the spirit of hopes, dreams and youthful inspiration. -TNP
After teammate’s health scare and withdrawal, Republic’s shooting team are ready to fire. -TNP
The actress says she has a "score" to settle with Christopher Lee for his acts of sabotage. -TNP
Jennifer Lopez’s latest video with Iggy Azalea gives other booty-ful music videos a run for their money. -TNP
Actor Christopher Lee receives news of Best Actor nomination after new baby poops all over him. -TNP
The restaurant is currently being investigated under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. -TNP