The New Paper

Huang was diagnosed with a 10cm cyst on one of her kidneys last April, and had to undergo surgery to remove it. -TNP
What would you do if you are estranged from your actress wife Gwyneth Paltrow? -TNP
She claims Diego Costa tried to two-time her and her sister. -TNP
The New Paper New Face Top 20 girls were at Levi's Lady's at 313@Somerset to choose their desired jeans. -TNP
"I want to do all that I can to ensure I have no regrets." -TNP
Tickets to guided walk at S'pore's first-ever Marine Park on Sisters' Islands snapped up in an hour. -TNP
The affected area was 80m by 80m, slightly smaller than a football field. -TNP
Cat Welfare Society mediated over 2,000 cases last year. -TNP
Misconceptions include the idea that cat-feeding is illegal. -TNP
A teenager in China has been arrested for allegedly killing a three-year-old girl by throwing her into a cesspool. -TNP