The New Paper

Seven cats died in a cafe here. But more interaction centres are opening next month. Two of them tell Judith Tan ( their star attractions will be treated with kid gloves. -TNP
I have never run a full marathon. -TNP
Child behavioural therapist says parents should take responsibility for their children and not let them 'assume control'. -TNP
Not only are people in the service industry witnesses to children’s tantrums, they are also often the ones who have to clean up afterwards. -TNP
Drunk man drives car onto pavement, upset when caught by police. -TNP
Cabby in his 70s nabbed for suspected drink driving at RWS. -TNP
Local bloggers lose followers but welcome clean-up. -TNP
Residents of Toa Payoh block relieved that filthy flat is finally cleaned out. -TNP
Viet 'Rat King' uses special traps to catch rats for food, money. -TNP
In today's property market, much of the action is in rentals. -TNP