Psychological cruelty to children from parents or caregivers can cause as much - or even more - emotional damage than physical and sexual abuse, according to a new US study. -Reuters
President Barack Obama gave a big hug on Friday to Nina Pham, the Dallas nurse who survived a bout with Ebola. -Reuters
Allaster said that while there may be some resistance to starting up the tournament, the WTA had a long history of overcoming struggles so had an obligation to at least look at the proposal. -Reuters
The 27-year-old said he was getting help to control his "impulse" to bite but he said that the offence should not receive severe punishment. -Reuters
The three worst-hit countries of West Africa - Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone - account for the bulk. -Reuters
Serena Williams regained her composure after smashing her racquet and being on the brink of defeat to beat Caroline Wozniacki. She moves into the WTA Finals. -Reuters
South Korea's National Pension Service does not support the merger of two Samsung Group units and plans to ask them to buy back its holdings in the pair. -
Calogero Gambino, a senior Deutsche Bank regulatory lawyer, has been found dead in New York in what appears to have been a suicide. -Reuters
Australia, Indonesia and South Korea skipped the launch of a China-backed Asian infrastructure bank. -Reuters
The UN Human Rights Committee said residents in the former British colony should have the right to stand for election as well as the right to vote. -Reuters