This despite a recommendation from the public prosecutor that the charges be dismissed. -Reuters
The hospital will be shut for a week and all staff monitored to ensure the virus has not spread. -Reuters
The programme lets companies in Japan use lower-cost emission cuts abroad to help meet domestic targets. -Reuters
The European Union reached outline agreement on Friday to impose the first economic sanctions on Russia. -Reuters
Lavrov also said Moscow was hopeful that monitors the European rights and security watchdog could be deployed along Russia's border with Ukraine. -Reuters
Under Pakistani law, Ahmadis are banned from using Muslim greetings, but the minority group consider themselves Muslim. -Reuters
Australia is looking for partners to help it build about a dozen diesel-electric submarines to replace its aging Collins Class fleet. -Reuters
Under current law, someone who unlocks their phone without permission could face legal ramifications, including jail. -Reuters
The verdict on the case, which has lasted for almost a decade, is due to be announced. -Reuters
San Miguel said it was "discussing" with investment partner Lucio Tan Group their respective interests in PAL Holdings Inc. -Reuters