Ling Jihua heads a Communist Party body charged with reaching out to non-Communists and holds a rank equivalent to vice premier. -Reuters
Attack targeted militants traveling in two vehicles in the Bihan region. -Reuters
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi (2nd L) visits the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad February 28, 2015.
Heritage CEO said HSBC was among the first to take steps to regularize its clients. -Reuters
Significant decrease in attacks by pro-Russian separatists in the east overnight. -Reuters
An astronaut nearly drowned during a July 2013 spacewalk due to a helmet leak. -Reuters
Budget aimed at high growth, pace of cutting fiscal deficit would slow to boost investment and ensure that ordinary people benefit. -Reuters
But import duty would be kept at record high in a setback for jewellers. -Reuters
Catholic grammar school pulled out of Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade in protest over gays' participation. -Reuters
Investigative Committee pursuing several lines on inquiry following murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. -Reuters